Commemorative Plaques of Cheltenham

Commemorative Plaques of Cheltenham
by Peter Smith and Sue Rowbotham

£2 plus £3 p&p

Commemorative Plaques of Cheltenham tells the stories behind the plaques put up by Cheltenham Civic Society since 1982, and a number of earlier plaques that celebrate notable people associated with the town.

Authors Sue Rowbotham and the late Peter Smith throw light on the broader history of the town through the plaques; from George III’s historic visit in 1788, which changed Cheltenham from a small, isolated market town into a fashionable spa resort, to the present day. 

Eight carefully-drawn maps by Brian White detail the individual areas of Cheltenham where groups of plaques can be found, encouraging the reader to learn more about the person or event in the specific context of the plaque’s location. The authors hope that both residents and visitors to Cheltenham will find something to capture their interest and imagination in this book, and will see the town in a fresh light, through the plaques and the stories that they tell.

Published in 2009, a supplement is included detailing plaques erected since publication.

To order your copy please send a cheque for £5 per copy made payable to Cheltenham Civic Society to:

The Plaques Officer
Cheltenham Civic Society
13 Lypiatt Terrace
GL50 2JH