To keep you informed, entertained and engaged, the Society runs an ongoing programme of events throughout the year with talks, discussion meetings, visits to places of interest and an annual lecture by a keynote speaker.

Heritage Open Days

Every September thousands of buildings throughout England open their doors to the general public to celebrate national heritage. For details see or watch out for details in the local media.

Special events may also be organised at these places including art exhibitions, concerts, talks and guided tours

Cheltenham regularly takes part, and in recent years the general public  have had access to a number of significant buildings in the town, notably the Masonic Hall, the Synagogue, Cheltenham Ladies' College,  Cheltenham Minster and Parmoor House, Cheltenham Civic Society Headquarters. HOD's are organised in collaboration with the National Trust, Heritage Alliance and Civic Voice.

Please visit the HOD Facebook page.


Civic Day

Civic Day is a national celebration of civic pride - a day when communities across the country say "we care about where we live".

The first Civic Day was held in 2011, and is now celebrated by many community groups in lots of different ways including tours, competitions, street parties, etc. Some local Civic Societies arrange a week of events around Civic Day.

The 2017 Civic Day was marked by an exhibition about the history and identity of the Lower High Street in the Chapel Arts Gallery, Knapp Road. The event was made possible by the collaboration of Cheltenham West End Partnership and the University of Gloucestershire  History Department.

For details of other Civic Day events see or the local media.

Upcoming Events

Civic Pride Report

Tuesday 7 November 2017
7.30pm at Parmoor House

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Jeremy Williamson, Managing Director, Cheltenham Development Task Force, will give his annual update on the major schemes taking place or planned for Cheltenham.




The Paterson Memorial Lecture

A Museum for the Future

Wednesday 6 December 2017
7.30pm Pittville Pump Room Cheltenham

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This year’s Paterson Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Tristram Hunt, the newly appointed Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Titled  A Museum For The Future: What lies in store for our Museums and Galleries? This lecture will undoubtedly be thought provoking and stimulating.

Tickets cost £12 (including a glass of wine) and are sure to go quickly. Use the application form to get your tickets here.





Winter Party at Parmoor House

Sunday 14 January 2018
12 noon to 2.00pm

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All Members and their guests are welcome to the annual Cheltenham Civic Society Winter Party held at Parmoor House, where you can expect as always drinks, canapés and lively conversation.

Numbers are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Application Form to be added.




Annual General Meeting and Open Forum

Wednesday 21 March 2018
7.30pm at Parmoor House

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This is the opportunity for members to have their say, and raise those concerns to the Executive Committee on critical issues. Do come along with some lively questions and pertinent observations to this important open forum.




Civic Awards Presentation and Lecture

Wednesday 11 April 2018
6.00pm Chapel Arts, Knapp Road

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Civic Awards are made by Cheltenham Civic Society on behalf of the Borough Council to encourage excellence in the restoration of historic buildings, new buildings and other improvements to the town's built environment. Details of the Presenter / Speaker to be added.